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Quality First


Why we started

With a view to providing effective solutions for essential needs of daily life: safe distribution of drinking water; sustainable management of rainwater and waste water, Akij Pipes has started its’ business in Bangladesh.

Our Vision

To become the one stop permanent solution provider by becoming a truly global, high-performing organization delivering international standard products and services to its customers and attain leadership position in the industries we operate in.


Strive to prevent accidents, injuries, and illness at work

Manufacture products that meet the highest safety standards


Be trendsetters in the industry by delivering international standard performance

Deliver globally accepted products and services to our customers


Be honest, fair, and do the right thing in the right way

Produce the right product to cater the right problem

Why Akij Pipes

Akij Pipes stands for innovation and setting new trends in the piping industry of Bangladesh. Bringing newer piping technologies and continuous innovation in existing as well as new products has been the focal point at Akij Pipes. Akij is also known for its compromise-free quality and exceeding consumer’s expectations. Right from introducing new piping technologies Akij Pipe’s brand mission has been to maintain and grow a commanding presence in the minds of customers and to deliver promised values, consistently.

Our Manufacturing Plant

Akij Pipes is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities across the country which enables to meet requirements of various geographies and markets. We have country’s only automated material handling and feeding systems. Our Production process and control is based on SCADA system and we have in-house global standard QC department to keep close control over the production quality..

Our manufacturing plant is located at

Akij Economic Zone, Khagatipara, Raymoni, Trishal, Mymensingh